Consortium Workshops

Flexible Hybrid separation system

for H2 recovery from NG Grids 

Hy.Grid 2nd workshop (online)

June 24, 2021; 11.15h - 14.45h CEST


After the successful HyGrid workshop of 2018, HyGrid proudly presents its second workshop to be held in June 24, 2021. The 2nd HyGrid workshop is taking place virtually and all sessions will be accessed online from your computer, tablet or mobile, giving you the flexibility at your chosen location and device

Increasing demand on highly efficient hydrogen transport is foreseen within the EU to make its large energy transition to hydrogen as a clean energy source become viable. Hydrogen transport in existing natural gas infrastructure has been recognised as a possible means to facilitate this. It is recognised by the EU that this will impose severe challenges to existing users of natural gas. Additionally, the hydrogen requires a certain purity to be used as chemical feedstock / fuel.

Within the European funded project HyGrid, new technology consisting of novel Pd-membranes, hydrogen purification by electrochemical and temperature swing adsorption is developed for the cost-effective removal and purification of hydrogen from natural gas. 

Project partners HyET, HyGear, NorteGas, Quantis, Technical University of Eindhoven and Tecnalia will take you through the recent developments in gas distribution, hydrogen membrane separation and electrochemical purification development etc. Efficiency and purity results and life cycle assessment of the combined HyGrid prototype are also discussed.


  • 11h15: Opening by TU Eindhoven. Prof. Dr. Eng. F. Gallucci
  • 11h30: Development of membranes for hydrogen separation. PhD, MSc, QF A. Pacheco (Tecnalia)
  • 12h00: Development of separation systems for hydrogen separation. Prof. Dr. Eng. F. Gallucci (TU Eindhoven)
  • 12h30: Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation and Compression from Natural Gas - Scaling up the technology. Mr. L. Raymakers (HyET)
  • 13h00: HyGrid prototype experiences. Dr. M. Rep (HyGear)
  • 13h30: 5 minutes coffee break 
  • 13h35: Environmental Life Cycle Assessment and Life Cycle Costing of the HyGrid system. Ms. F. Brunner (Quantis)
  • 14h05: GRHYD: a successful demonstration for the new gas H2NG. Ms. I. Alliat (Engie)
  • 14h35: Closing remarks. Prof. Dr. Eng. F. Gallucci


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Exploitation Workshop on Flexible Hybrid separation
for H2 recovery from NG Grids

Lainate, Italy, May 17, 2018


SAES Getters SpA hosted the HYGRID Exploitable Workshop on flexible hybrid separation for Hydrogen recovery from NG grids. The focus was on hydrogen generation, distribution and transportation, challenges of distributing hydrogen into the NG networks and the purity requirements. The workshop was part of the first transfer of knowledge event of the HyGrid project, contributing to the increase of knowledge, and competitiveness of the hydrogen economy in the EU community.  Presentation are available at the Hygrid website (


We are pleased to invite you to the 1st Exploitation Workshop of the HyGrid Project.

HyGrid aims at developing an advanced high performance separation system for hydrogen recovery from NG grids. One of the main problems for the implementation of the hydrogen based economy is the transportation from production centres to the end user both industries and population. To solve this problem, besides the in-situ production of hydrogen, the use of the existing Natural Gas network has been proposed for storing and distributing hydrogen. However, cost effective separation technologies for direct separation of hydrogen from the natural network should be developed for separating and purifying the hydrogen to match the end user requirements.

HyGrid system combines three different technologies (electrochemical separation, membrane separation and temperature swing adsorption) to develop a cost effective H2 separation pilot from low (2-10%) and very low (< 2%) H2 blends in natural gas grids.

The project targets a pure hydrogen separation system with power of < 5 kWh/kgH2 and cost of < 1.5 €/kgH2. The pilot will be designed for the separation and purification of >25 kg/day of hydrogen (ISO 14687).


Presentations will be given by both Academia and Industry. The complete programme can be downloaded at the following link: Agenda HyGrid Workshop 2018.

Important dates

Date Event
11th May 2018              Deadline for registration
17th May 2018 Workshop



Attendants should register filling in the attached file: HyGrid_Workshop_Registration_Form and sending it at the following email:

Participation to the workshop is free of charge.


The Conference will take place at SAES Getters SpA, Viale Italia 77, 20020 Lainate, Milan, Italy,

SAES is located about 36 Km from Malpensa Airport and about 22 Km from Milano city.
Taxi is recommended when landing at Malpensa airport.
Alternatively, every 30 minutes a train can be taken to Saronno station and then a taxi (about 8 km).


Hotel Litta Palace, Lainate,
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Star Hotel Gran Milan, Saronno,
Contact the hotel directly for the reservation and ask for the special fare guaranteed for SAES guests. Please make the reservation within April 15th
The hotel is at walking distance from Saronno train station and there is a direct train line from Malpensa.